Saturday, April 29, 2006

How it got started

In the month of August 2005, I was baking two birthday cakes for my kids. One for a class of 36 kids and another for 16. It was really a challenge getting it done.

I started doing "research" for the design after I decided on a cake recipe that I am most comfortable and confident. Done all my measurements and guess what, I couldn't find a decent size cake board that my cake can fit into!!!!

I was really really panicking. I went round to the numerous cake supply shops and all drew a blank. Darn! I got no choice as I have already got everything into plan. Went ahead and put my cake into a way oversize cake board. Looks kind of funny and unbalanced.



Well, the birthday cakes were really a centre piece for the birthday and the kids love it and most of them had second helpings as well.

I tell myself that I got to change that. It is way too stressful for me so I went back to my "research" and found many interesting sites on cupcakes.

Bingo! this is what I am going to do for them the next birthdays. The research started to intensify this year, I got to come up with a good cake recipe that can tantalise the kids as well as the presentation.

After many trials and errors, and thanks to all my neighbours and family that have to put up with many of my test batches. I finally found one that is up to my expectation.

Intending for just own consumption, a girlfriend of mine saw my creation and she was captivated and encouraged me to share my passion with friends instead.

So that is how Cupcake Fantasies was borned. All through days and nights of fantasying how the perfect cupcake should be.

This blog documented all my past creations that brought so much joy to every celebrations that Cupcake Fantasies participated.

Thanks to all my friends who had given me the opportunities to allow me to explore and grow with each celebration.